The UK Group of AIPPI carries out research and organises talks concerning intellectual property in both an international context, and a specifically UK context.


AIPPI is the leading non-government organisation for research into, and formulation of policy for, the law relating to the protection of intellectual property, including:


  • patents

  • trademarks

  • copyright, computer software, integrated circuits

  • models and designs

  • plant varieties

  • appellations of origin, geographic names

  • unfair competition


AIPPI is a non-profit organisation which unites practitioners, academics and owners of intellectual property.


All members of AIPPI are members through their national group. To join AIPPI via the UK group, click here.


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Council 2021/22


Sara Ashby

Hon. Secretary and Vice-President

Dominic Adair


Hon. Treasurer

James Short


Past Presidents

Trevor Cook

Justin Watts

Honorary Members of Council

Christopher Morcom

Stephen Jones

Kerry Tomlinson

Ordinary Members of Council

Michelle Pratt

Jane Mutimear

Paul Harris

Ashley Roughton

Peter Finnie

John Brunner

Richard Vary

Jan Vleck

James Tumbridge

Daniel Brook

Calum Smyth

Jonathan Moss

Nick Cunningham

Annsley Ward

Mark Ridgway

Arthur Artinian

Co-opted Members of Council

Taliah Walklett
Emily O’Neill
Imogen Ireland

Charlotte Blythe

Toby Bond

National Group Reporter

Ed Cronan