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Your membership options are as follows:

  • Junior (under 30): £46 - available to members aged under 30 on 1 January in the year of membership or renewal

  • Junior (under 36): £89 - available to members aged over 29 but under 36 on 1 January in the year of membership or renewal

  • Corporate: £90 - available to industry only

  • Individual: £180


To begin the application process please download and complete this form which is to be sent to the Secretary for approval. Please note that for new members, the signatures of two proposers (current AIPPI members) are required. Once processed by the Secretary, the form will be returned to you for signature and payment before your membership is effective. Joining AIPPI United Kingdom also means you join AIPPI internationally. 


If you are registering to attend an AIPPI World Congress, you can become a member of AIPPI UK and AIPPI international by selecting the "join and register" option.


If you wish to attend an event before your application is processed, please contact:

For all other enquiries about joining AIPPI UK, please contact:

Our Privacy policy is here.



To enquire about our events, please contact:


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